Want Customers Like Groupon on Steroids?

Get Customers To Instantly See Your Offer When Their Smartphone Pings

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    Addicted to a ping: 89% of smartphone users instantly read their messages following ping notifications and 85% click to an offer. 
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    Guaranteed quality leads: Facebook is the most used app with the longest average time spent by smartphone users. Reach your customers when and where you want. 
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    Grow your list: Add new customers to your Facebook Messenger list and send specials and offers whenever you want.

Pinging Your Way To Growing Cash Flow


1. Can't Ignore Your Offer

Message your customer list that pings their phone when received. They just can't ignore the ping and will react to your message and offer. 


2. Grow Your Customer List

With Facebook Messenger chat bot artificial intelligence, you can grow your customer list on auto-pilot freeing up time for you to do what's important. 


3.  Reach Customers Whenever

Need to get new customers in your queue? Ping a broadcast message to your saved Messenger list and watch customers pour in!


4. Always Reach Your Customers

There are no spam filters storing your messages in spam folders never to be seen. Your offers are guaranteed to seen and acted upon.

The Magic Behind The Message

 Andreas Deligeorge 

 CEO, Omni Vision Design 


Dan complements our strong production arm with top level strategy and is abreast of new technologies, and innovative solutions to bring to the table for each respective mandate we send his way. You can expect prompt, consistent and trustworthy service, as he maintains an ongoing education regarding various upcoming online marketing solutions.

 Bruce Scott 



Internet marketing techniques change VERY quickly. What is working today for your business will probably not work tomorrow. Dan loves learning and keeping up to date with all the latest. Dan is also a great teacher, I have always been able to rely on Dan to help keep me on top of the all the latest Internet Marketing Techniques that work. He is my go-to guy for the most up to date Internet Marketing Business Advice.

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