The #1 Reason Landing Pages Fail

If you had to guess, you probably think the sales copy is to blame.

Wrong answer.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s the audience targeting.

Wrong again.

You know your customers. You know their pain points and their wants. With that, you have the formula for creating a winning funnel.

But the most overlooked and often ignored element of the funnel that literally kills conversion is the offer.

Here’s why…

Imagine someone following your sales funnel, they resonate with the pain point, they understand the logical flow of why your product/service is “right” for them.

They’ve moved from problem aware at the top of the funnel to becoming solution aware. They only need that extra push to commit to the call to action. This is where the right “offer” can seal the deal.

The offer has to match the level of awareness of your customer. Different customers convert at different stages of awareness. Some at the problem aware stage might want a downloadable pdf that explains the pain/problem and why they have that problem.

Solution aware customers may want to see a comparison chart of products and why yours is the best solution. So how do you trigger the right offer for the awareness stage?